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JLB Fort Myers is a digital marketing agency specializing in website design & development, all things related to online marketing, and technical support and maintenance. We provide our customers with engaging web designs, innovative web development, successful digital marketing, and business class web support under one central roof. We pride ourselves on being voted the best web design and development agencies, making the Inc. 5000 list, and being a Google Premier Partner. We are also Veteran-owned and considered one of the best SEO agencies out there.

Brand – Web Design – Email Services – Web Support – Web Security – SEO – SEM – Digital Marketing – On-Demand Marketing

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Web Design Services

Web with Responsive Design - Customer Web Design - Business profile sites - E-commerce sites - Medical Practice sites - Educational Sites - Online Brand Development - Graphic and Logo Design - Business Conversion design

Interactive Services

Calendars - Blogs - Sliders - Pop-Ups - Social media connectivity - Live Chat - Custom Modules - Intuitive database integration - Video and Video Animations - Smart forms - Photo galleries - MLS - Booking Systems

Enabling Services

Business Class Hosting Services - Webmaster Support (Manage and Maintain) - CMS Maintenance and Programs - FULL Site Backup and Restore Protection - Email Integration and Marketing Platforms - Social Media Management

Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) - Directory Services - Display Ad Remarketing - Social Media Advertising - Email Marketing - Ecommerce Conversion - Website Ad Displays - Graphic Banners

In today’s world, your website design should be clean and modern. It should showcase your brand in a positive light, create an impact on users, and have logical and user-friendly interactive navigation. In addition, your website absolutely needs to be mobile-responsive.
JLB strives to create a process where your website and its online presence is perfected - all while ensuring secure, manageable and quality service without having to worry or burden our customers. We use top-of-the-line software that allows us to centralize all reporting so a client can see their rankings, analytics, directory and social presence, and so on. These reports are transparent and produced in real-time so you can see the effectiveness of the campaigns we are managing for you.
We provide value-driven results for our clients. We want you to see this as a long-term partnership and we want you to be successful. With our experienced and talented in-house team, we bring commitment and dedication to every project we take on.