Why SEO In 2019 Is A Must

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Nov 06, 2018

While it may be possible to run an online business without a proper SEO campaign in 2019, you should consider the long-term effects.

  • Without SEO, will your company still be as profitable when similar businesses open up shop around you (and run SEO campaigns)?
  • Will customers be able to find your website with ease when running a search?
  • What will happen to your credibility?

These are just some of the many factors to consider if SEO isn’t utilized. If you ignore SEO, you are simply not taking advantage of one of the most powerful online marketing strategies. To keep ahead of the competition, increase traffic to your site, achieve high search engine rankings, and multiply your sales revenue, it’s essential that you take the time to invest in and implement proper SEO practices.

Utilizing SEO

To fully experience the benefits of SEO, one must have patience and trust in the process. It truly takes time for legitimate, white-hate SEO to show results, and this reason is why many business owners are quick to write it off as a solution. Far too often, SEO is labeled as unpredictable, time-consuming, and inferior to the immediate results PPC campaigns can provide. However, SEO is the most effective marketing tactic for most websites as it builds brand equity and relevancy which in turn increases traffic. Excellent SEO strategies will apply high-quality content that caters to your clientele’s specific needs and generates high conversion rates.

SEO in 2019 is a must, and here’s why:

SEO Provides Different Results Than PPC

The debate between SEO and PPC–organic traffic vs. paid traffic–is one that will forever be ongoing.

While PPC campaigns are certainly useful for businesses, their results are much different than those that are generated from SEO practices. A website that uses SEO strategies will usually target keywords for customers–leads–at different stages of the sales funnel. Whereas, PPC campaigns are designed to send any leads to the sales page of a website. Additionally, as PPC campaigns tend to produce higher conversion rates than SEO, it’s reach for potential customers is often very narrow. On the other hand, SEO provides a much wider net for potential customers from the very beginning.

Your Site Will Always Be Prepared For Google Updates

Back in August 2018, Google updated its core algorithm, and the results were devastating for many businesses who did not implement proper SEO practices. Although it’s impossible to predict how Google’s algorithm updates will affect keyword rankings, utilizing white-hat SEO strategies will help to reduce the risk of being impacted by any sudden updates.

Increased Credibility

There is a direct relationship between organic traffic and sales, and avoiding SEO is are only limiting the potential reach of your business to qualified customers. Additionally, organic search engine listings typically have more credibility than consumer paid listings; therefore, if you rank high on the first page of Google, you’ll only be reinforcing the concept that your business is credible and trustworthy. High rankings also speak to your company’s level of expertise as well.

JLB Provides Effective and Proven Search Engine Optimization Services

While it may not be the case for a small minority, running an online business without SEO in 2019 is equivalent to handicapping it. AT JLB, we provide Fort Myers SEO services that are proven, effective, and designed to help businesses grow in the digital space. Contact us today for more information on SEO, PPC, web design and all of our digital marketing services.